Go Left - iPhone 6/6S Case


Sometimes no matter what you do, it seems like nothing goes right. But what if all of the things that go wrong are actually lessons, showing you a different path is possible. If for instance you lost your job, you might realise that actually you didn’t enjoy it that much and now you can go for the role you really want.

Steve Jobs gave a commencement speech at Stanford in 2005 where he told everyone that he’d dropped out of college as he didn’t want to spend his parent’s entire life savings. He ended up staying on campus and only dropped in on the courses that interested him. One of those courses was in calligraphy, it made no sense at the time as he thought it was clearly useless for any future career he might obtain. Except it wasn’t useless, ten years later when he was designing the first Mac it all came back to him and he created the first computer with beautiful typography. As Steve said ‘you have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.’

Always keep your eyes and heart open to new possibilities, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised! 

Here are the details -

  •     Frosted hard back, making all quotes easy to read
  •     Rubber like bumper around sides for protection
  •     All Ports are easily accessible with cut-away details
  •     Lightweight and slim
  •     Material: plastic

        Type: Unknown Type

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